Field notation returns garbage suggestion #31

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For the s-expr (. Thread (sleep (read-string sleep-time))) Kibit 0.0.3 suggests (.clojure.lang.LazySeq@7bcd9a98 Thread)


The suggestion should be (Thread/sleep (read-string sleep-time)). I'll try to fix this, thanks for the report!


You may also like to consider this:

Thread/sleep can potentially throw InterruptedException. It is a very common error not to catch that exception. Ideally, the sleep usage should look like this:

(try (Thread/sleep number-of-milliseconds)
  (catch InterruptedException e
    (.interrupt (Thread/currentThread))))
@jonase jonase added a commit that referenced this issue May 20, 2012
@jonase fixed issue #31 0f6bbc6
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