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openFrameworks addon to detect hands.
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Hand/palm detection using a depthCamera.


The code was initially written to detect the palms which were moving above a kine of trunk (an open box in the size of a small table) The tracking is inspired and based on the work of KinectArms ( and the work of Wei-chao Chen (陳威詔)’s master thesis “Real-Time Palm Tracking and Hand Gesture Estimation Based on Fore-Arm Contour” (

The addon was used to create the installation "LichtGestalt #1" (


needed addon:

the example was made using the new Kinect addon ofxDepthCamera and should be compatible to various depth Cameras. However, the example was built on OSX 10.11 using a Kinect V2. example needs additional addons:

to runn the Kinect V2

  • ofxMultiKinectV2
  • ofxTurboJpeg
  • ofxFastFboReader

interface (near and far clipping)

  • ofxGui


  • supports current oF 0.9.0
  • tested on MAC osx 10.11 using a Kinect V2

Known issues



if requestet I will write some additional infos for the usage. please send me a mail: mail (at)


The code in this repository is available under the MIT License.

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