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Makefile creates tar archives for downloads web page.

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1 parent cade12c commit a831b6c30458d8a1a57e1b4dabf882d68c988c56 @jonasferry committed Sep 19, 2011
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ SRC = src/battle.tcl src/game.tcl src/gui.tcl src/help.tcl \
src/init.tcl src/main.tcl src/simulator.tcl \
src/tournament.tcl tclrobots.tcl
-SDX = ../build/tclkit-8.6-linux ../build/sdx.kit
+SDX = ../build/tclkit86-linux ../build/sdx.kit
# Make reasonably sure no one has a local temp directory
# with the same name
@@ -29,11 +29,12 @@ build:
cp -rf $(TEMP)/src/ $(TEMP)/lib/ $(TEMP)/samples $(TEMP)/README $(TEMP)/LICENSE $(TEMP)/tclrobots.vfs/lib/app-tclrobots/
#mkdir $(TEMP)/tclrobots.vfs/lib/
#cp -rf $(TEMP)/lib/* $(TEMP)/tclrobots.vfs/lib/
- cp build/tclkit-8.6-$(RUNTIME) $(TEMP)/
- (cd $(TEMP); $(SDX) wrap tclrobots.kit -runtime tclkit-8.6-$(RUNTIME))
+ cp build/tclkit86-$(RUNTIME) $(TEMP)/
+ (cd $(TEMP); $(SDX) wrap tclrobots.kit -runtime tclkit86-$(RUNTIME))
cp $(TEMP)/tclrobots.kit build/download-files/$(TARGET)
+ cp $(TEMP)/tclrobots.kit $(TEMP)/$(TARGET)
#chmod +x build/download-files/$(TARGET)
- (cd $(TEMP); tar cvf ../build/download-files/samples.tar samples/)
+ (cd $(TEMP); tar cvf ../build/download-files/tclrobots-$(RUNTIME).tar $(TARGET) samples/)
#rm -rf $(TEMP)
check: header.syntax
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
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