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.Net/Mono bindings for zbar
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zbar-sharp is .Net/Mono bindings for zbar. documentation can be found below:

zbar-sharp is released under GNU LGPL version 2.1, or (at your option) any later version.


zbar-sharp started a component for a group project at Aalborg University, and was mainly authored by Jonas Finnemann Jensen. Since then contributions from other developers on github have been pulled in. And the authors are as follows:

  • Jonas Finnemann Jensen
  • Patrick McEvoy
  • Brandon McCaig

Documentation comments for external methods have been copied from the original zbar project written by Jeff Brown.

How to contribute

If you wish to contribute, just clone this repository on github and push your changes, and feel free to send a pull-request. You're also welcome to host your clone elsewhere, or e-mail you patches in.

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