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I started using Klaus today and I really like it! I would like to help.

What would be you idea of Search function?

Thank you!



Glad you like it!

I haven't really thought it through. First suggestions:

  • We want to be able to search for code (history), commits, branch/tag names, people, ...
  • If there's a fast-enough solution involving only standard Git (something like git grep but for more than just code) I'd prefer that. We'd have to benchmark this with "big" repositories, of course.
  • If we can't come up with a simple Git-only solution, then I'd suggest developing this as a totally stand-alone product: A program that creates a search index of a Git repository and can execute queries for example via a Web API, CLI, ... In this case I'm ok with 3rd-party tools (like a real search engine) -- though I still suggest keeping it small and simple and easy to set up.
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