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Switching to libgit2 #96

lb1a opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm not that involved into klaus so far, but i saw that you sometimes struggle with the limitiations of dulwich.
So i want to open up the discussion of switching from dulwich to the libgit2.
It has been mentioned in #67 and #94 .
So please share your thoughts. @jonashaag already thought loud about it, see the linked issues.

@lb1a lb1a changed the title from Switching to libgit2 to RFC Switching to libgit2

libgit2 should at least

  • be comparably fast in its git log equivalent (compared to the git log command line tool. Can be benchmarked with time git log > /dev/null for example with the Django or Linux repositories.)
  • support git blame in a sane way
  • support git archive, see libgit2/pygit2#358
  • submodule support would be awesome #1
  • should support rename recognition in commits
  • maybe even fast search? #68
  • maybe nice diffs #78

I'm currently waiting for my pull requests to be pulled before I start working on implementing libgit2 because I can't be bothered with dealing with (if any) merge conflicts or converting that code at a later time.

@jonashaag jonashaag changed the title from RFC Switching to libgit2 to Switching to libgit2
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