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posativ commented Apr 23, 2012

This pull removes argparse as dependency for python < 2.7 and uses mitsuhik/werkzeug as framework. Adding this to PyPi lets install you this app by pip install klaus and run it from anywhere you like.

posativ added some commits Apr 21, 2012
@posativ posativ remove nano submodule e99e515
@posativ posativ move into klaus/ 1c7c8bf
@posativ posativ major refactoring to use werkzeug as backend
not finished yet: raw and errors
@posativ posativ finish werkzeug port 221fe54
@posativ posativ convert Markdown to HTML
Pygment does not syntax highlight Markdown, so if you have markdown
available, every filename ending with .md or .mkdown will be converted
to HTML.

Implemented also a reStructuredText conversion, but due docutils massive
error reporting if you have some roles/directives missing (for example you
use sphinx) it's currently commented out. Pygments can highlight reST quite
@posativ posativ enhanced CLI frontend and devserver support
With `klaus -r` (for --use-reloader) we enable werkzeug's autoreload
feature if the source code has changed. This is disabled by default.
@posativ posativ last enhancements to README and quickstart successor bin/klaus 69637fa
@posativ posativ update bff2d54
@posativ posativ remove invalid git repositories from args, close #17 c385650
@posativ posativ fix args regression a1e7aa7
@posativ posativ remove BASE_URL usage from 5dcf8b2
@posativ posativ add bjoern support with werkzeug fallback
though I can't test this, because bjoern does not build properly on
OS X: jonashaag/bjoern#39
@posativ posativ make templates from everywhere accessible 785fc93
@posativ posativ add, klaus is now PyPi ready 5cffc29
@posativ posativ fix classifiers in 38d364c
@posativ posativ add support for suburi, close #16
This allows you do add HTTP headers or alternatively use the
new --prefix=/foo/ flag to signal klaus you want to serve on
this given sub url.

If you are using nginx, see
for a complete setup.
@posativ posativ secret --debug flag to enable werkzeug's debugger 68f0d02
@posativ posativ add Dulwich's smart HTTP Middleware 8628f34
@posativ posativ add HTTP Basic Auth for Git Smart HTTP
    > klaus --help
      Git Smart HTTP:
          -s, --smarthttp   enable smart HTTP serving
              --htpasswd=FILE   use credentials from FILE

If you don't specify a htpasswd FILE Git Smart HTTP is read-only.
@posativ posativ fix small regression introduced with #16 9ea481d
@posativ posativ make klaus' git version work again 620cca4
@posativ posativ show git clone URL in header if run with `-s`
(yes, I am a horrible web designer)
@posativ posativ install data_files to egg 6b26a64
@posativ posativ remove bjoern support due a bug serving static files b1ef0c3
posativ commented Jul 11, 2012

Already merged in flask-branch.

@posativ posativ closed this Jul 11, 2012
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