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Hello there,

This is more of a suggestion/demo. I'd like to tweak Klaus a bit in terms of layout, and the first thing I did was replace the iconography with a scaleable web font.

If you're OK with this, I'd try for a few more tweaks in terms of typography...

and others added some commits Jun 8, 2011
@jonashaag Added a few screenshots to the README 73e1e9d
@jonashaag Use absolute URLs for README images. 8e9f7e0
@jonashaag Shrinked the thumbnails a bit 1329f06
@jonashaag New thumbnails. 2de0116
@jonashaag Added a section about installing klaus in a virtualenv to README. 5c9b4f3
@jonashaag Added demo link and beta quality warning to README db99842
@jonashaag Close #2: Support for binary files, includes explicit support for ima…

Also adds support for submodule changes in the commit diff view (#1).
Refs #3.
@jonashaag Added an option to override the host name displayed in the navigation. 5a007fb
@jonashaag Merge branch 'master' of git:// f75a0a9
@jonashaag Follow-up fix for fba5dfe 942a5cf
@jonashaag Merge branch 'master' of cfb7d7f
@jonashaag Make devserver work again after 5a007fb. 527d03e
@jonashaag Work around a bug in the diff module that makes it swallow empty file…
… additions/deletions.
@jonashaag Tree view: sort case-insensitive 3094267
@jonashaag Blob view: Return [] rather than [''] if the file is empty. 318fdd9
@jonashaag Dumbtest: Print the number of scanned URLs and skip everything that s…
…tarts with http.
@jonashaag dumbtest: Don't search for links in <pre> tags and /raw/ views; --fai…
…lfast option; pprint the error dict.
@jonashaag Force unicode in templates, everywhere. (Introduces a new |u filter) cd4f323
@jonashaag Handle type changes in history (folder -> file, file -> symlink etc) ebd313c
@jonashaag Bumped the nano submodule b9b1a88
@jonashaag Enable Jinja's autoescaping functionality. ce2b6a2
@jonashaag Disable autoescape for code and for diffs. 8b2532c
@jonashaag Don't show an author's email address. 16cc1e2
@jonashaag Host display for a9ef753
@jonashaag diff module: Don't strip 'a' and 'b' from filenames 0bfe56e
@jonashaag Commit view: Smaller diff chunk separator 85daebe
@jonashaag Merge branch 'master' of 590a25a
@jonashaag CSS fixes for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Closes #4. 40ca1bf
@jonashaag HappyFirefox: CSS @charset directive 58efdf6
@jonashaag Made the history view support files. bf8dd15
@jonashaag 0bfe56e made the commit view display garbage for deleted files' names. ca3944e
@jonashaag Another follow-up fix for 0bfe56e. 8d983e1
@jonashaag TODO 12f6c6f
@jonashaag Properly parse GET data using urlparse.parse_qs. f806518
@jonashaag Made the history pagination show page numbers; refactoring 3bf3b3a
@jonashaag Made templates simpler by providing a shorthand to build_url(). f2c024a
@jonashaag Show klaus revision in footer. 146c5f2
@jonashaag Nasebohren! 68e1cff
@jonashaag Read repo list from the 'KLAUS_REPOS' environment variable for easier…
… WSGI integration
@jonashaag Fixed "order by last update" link in repo list. 344db6d
@jonashaag README: Added a note about 'KLAUS_REPOS' environment variable 7361164
@jonashaag Support for invoking klaus from any directory
(used to be restricted to the klaus root directory)
@jonashaag Commit view: Preserve whitespace formmatting of commit messages. d345da5
@jonashaag docstrings 6c83310
@jonashaag Added a branch selector.
Doesn't completely fix #6 as a tag selector is still missing. Need to
work out a design for that first.
@jonashaag Shorten SHA1 sums in breadcrumbs and branch selector. 1e5f497
@jonashaag Switched to `git log` for history generation for performance reasons. 7be1220
@jonashaag History: Don't force ultra-long commit message lines onto one visual …
@jonashaag Typo 8095eec
@jonashaag Python 2.6 support. Thanks to Steve Romanow (@slestak) for the patch. 1d0179c
@jonashaag Moved tools into subfolder 5d7efac
@jonashaag CSS font fix 87e2cc3
@jonashaag Mini refactoring
I really don't remember what this was about.
@jonashaag Merge branch 'master' of 34a780f
@jonashaag Forgot to fix one command ce9e7a3
Jochen Kupperschmidt Handle repositories that contain no commits (e.g. those just created). a768d12
Jochen Kupperschmidt Fix to pass a repository hash instead of a repository's name (at whic…
…h dulwich will bark if it contains a dash ['-'] or any other non-hex character).
@jonashaag Merge pull request #12 from homeworkprod/master
Handled two bugs that occur on corner cases
@jonashaag Update README.rst 008fa40
@jonashaag argparse is part of the stdlib only as of Python 2.7. 00fcda2
@jonashaag CSS tweaks 7a03fe4
@jonashaag Strip .git from repo names ef7f578
@jonashaag Typo f787737
@jonashaag Cleaned up the font-size mess e10dbed
@jonashaag Made file/commit view lines linkable via URL #hashes df81e77
@jonashaag Fixed commit anchors for multi-file commits
Can't use #N/O-<lineno> because there might be multiple files with
changes on line <lineno>
@jonashaag CSS tweaks, removed debug prints e84e98b
@jonashaag Don't do line highlighting magic if the URL doesn't contain a #hash e966c53
@jonashaag Added a requirements.txt. Thanks to @frio for the patch. Closes #14 5fb43eb
@posativ posativ remove nano submodule e99e515
@posativ posativ move into klaus/ 1c7c8bf
@posativ posativ major refactoring to use werkzeug as backend
not finished yet: raw and errors
@posativ posativ finish werkzeug port 221fe54
@posativ posativ convert Markdown to HTML
Pygment does not syntax highlight Markdown, so if you have markdown
available, every filename ending with .md or .mkdown will be converted
to HTML.

Implemented also a reStructuredText conversion, but due docutils massive
error reporting if you have some roles/directives missing (for example you
use sphinx) it's currently commented out. Pygments can highlight reST quite
@posativ posativ enhanced CLI frontend and devserver support
With `klaus -r` (for --use-reloader) we enable werkzeug's autoreload
feature if the source code has changed. This is disabled by default.
@posativ posativ last enhancements to README and quickstart successor bin/klaus 69637fa
@posativ posativ update bff2d54
@posativ posativ remove invalid git repositories from args, close #17 c385650
@posativ posativ fix args regression a1e7aa7
@posativ posativ remove BASE_URL usage from 5dcf8b2
@posativ posativ add bjoern support with werkzeug fallback
though I can't test this, because bjoern does not build properly on
OS X: jonashaag/bjoern#39
@posativ posativ make templates from everywhere accessible 785fc93
@posativ posativ add, klaus is now PyPi ready 5cffc29
@posativ posativ fix classifiers in 38d364c
@posativ posativ add support for suburi, close #16
This allows you do add HTTP headers or alternatively use the
new --prefix=/foo/ flag to signal klaus you want to serve on
this given sub url.

If you are using nginx, see
for a complete setup.
@posativ posativ secret --debug flag to enable werkzeug's debugger 68f0d02
@posativ posativ add Dulwich's smart HTTP Middleware 8628f34
@posativ posativ add HTTP Basic Auth for Git Smart HTTP
    > klaus --help
      Git Smart HTTP:
          -s, --smarthttp   enable smart HTTP serving
              --htpasswd=FILE   use credentials from FILE

If you don't specify a htpasswd FILE Git Smart HTTP is read-only.
@posativ posativ fix small regression introduced with #16 9ea481d
@posativ posativ make klaus' git version work again 620cca4
@posativ posativ show git clone URL in header if run with `-s`
(yes, I am a horrible web designer)
@posativ posativ install data_files to egg 6b26a64
@posativ posativ remove bjoern support due a bug serving static files b1ef0c3
@jonashaag tools/ PYTHONPATH fix 8752ed2
@jonashaag Merge pull request #21 from jonashaag/fix/#20
tools/ PYTHONPATH fix
@jonashaag Rewrite using Flask b7731cf
@jonashaag Remove superfluous module d8d1176
@posativ posativ move into klaus and refine rst renderer
.rst and .rest both will render reStructuredText now. The headings
are decreased by one (only one h1 in HTML4) and warnings from unknown
or false markup does not show up in the rendered result.
@posativ posativ add argparse to static install_requires
reading install_requires from file may fail because requirements.txt
is *not* included into this package.
@posativ posativ IO/OSError can not catch CalledProcessError a685267
@jonashaag Re-license under ICS 5049a6e
@jonashaag Cleanup 82d3420
@jonashaag Factor logic from template into view b930906
@jonashaag Show Smart HTTP instructions 2c18054
@jonashaag Blob view: render markup style tweaks e5fbbe9
@jonashaag TODO 2e55fc5
@jonashaag Changed HTTP Auth URLs so that the Git tools don't choke but show nic…
…e error messages.
@jonashaag Fixed blob view CSS b7cc689
@jonashaag Refactoring, docs 0abba25
@jonashaag site_title -> sitename (shorter) ddf0668
@jonashaag Restore sub-URI feature c065a71
@jonashaag rm requirements.txt bc5e1b5
@jonashaag README 6a7183c
@jonashaag classifiers f0fd451
@jonashaag TODO bb58822
@jonashaag Docstring fix 5e41ebc
@jonashaag Merge branch 'flask-suburi' into flask ea6ad6b
@jonashaag Merge branch 'flask'
@jonashaag Added @posativ to contributors list 726abb1
@jonashaag TODO 7eec634
@jonashaag Fixed #29: Broken file history view 79640f6
@posativ posativ add page title and fix invalid markup closes #30
also remove the newline from git log
@posativ posativ wrap dulwich wsgi_app into utils.SubUri b8d544f
@posativ posativ suburi also without htdigest file 4c5e556
@jonashaag Merge pull request #32 from posativ/smarthttp-fix
wrap dulwich wsgi_app into utils.SubUri
@jonashaag Merge pull request #31 from posativ/template-fix
add page title and fix invalid markup closes #30
@jonashaag Better HTML <title>s e3bc283
@jonashaag Fixed #10: Always expand the code div to 100% minimum 9183d42
@jonashaag Fixed #9 -- hovering over a relative timestamp shows absolute one fd463fc
@jonashaag Fixed a 'timesince' corner case 3b7d395
@jonashaag Added a Changelog 1f3e325
@jonashaag Fixed #33: README feature list cbc62bf
@jonashaag Fixed #27: Added note about bin/klaus not being for production cb4d797
@jonashaag Refactored get_branch_names and get_tag_names 83d249f
@jonashaag Fixed #6: Added tag list to branch selector. 21a6b3e
@jonashaag Fixed using tags browsing 3853090
@jonashaag Fixed #37: Sort tags/branches by timestamp 791e419
@jonashaag Removed debugging relict ae08f83
@jonashaag bin/klaus: Warn if no repos supplied eb23f5b
@jonashaag Require dulwich >= 0.8.6 8bb48e3
@jonashaag Always use absolute path for repo names, never '.'
If you invoked 'klaus .' the repo name was '.' which wasn't really
helpful. Now it's equivalent to using 'klaus `pwd`', i.e. the folder's
real name is used.
@jonashaag sitename, site_title --> site_name 0efab8b
@jonashaag Adapted screenshot thumbnail size to new GitHub README width 52da55c
@jonashaag Another try c4859b3
@jonashaag Fix 260fa1b
@jonashaag Rewrote Git/PyPI version guessing ded1089
@jonashaag Fuck this whole distutils setuptools distribute distutils2 pip python…
… package_data data_files MANIFEST shit fuck
@jonashaag Updated Changelog f1de1ee
@jonashaag Some CSS fixes; remove veritcal line separating tree and history
(It's impossible to have two floated columns have the same height in CSS)
@jonashaag Fix #43: --site-name should accept non-ASCII values 12c04c1
@jonashaag Changelog 9b5cec9
@jonashaag Refactoring. Also makes turns a few 500s into 404s. 9afc965
@jonashaag Refactoring 6316657
@jonashaag Fix viewing tags, rename 'commit_id' to 'rev'(ision) 91b8c2b
@jonashaag 0.2.1 c347695
@jonashaag Really fix #43: Forgot to include the actual fix. NEED TESTS. ff7772b
@ewdurbin ewdurbin simpler single line descriptions 01a87a6
@jonashaag Support unicode in short description; handle missing .git/description…
… file
@jonashaag HTML/CSS cleanup 930374f
@jonashaag Changelog 81cfe6b
@jonashaag Merge branch 'short-descriptions'
Thanks to @ewdurbin for the patch!
@jonashaag Raw view: Remove mimetype recognition entirely.
That's the browser's job.

Fixes #53.
@jonashaag Rendered-markup view polishing. Refs #54. a261270
@jonashaag Add wiki link to README 56f5cee
@jonashaag Moved "Who is using klaus" README section to wiki. e5c2187
@jonashaag CSS f47bb00
@jonashaag Note new user group/mailing list in README 4961e30
@jonashaag 0.2.2 d7e3cd4
@jonashaag Add RELEASE_PROCESS notes 3b355e7
@jonashaag Make 'guess_git_revision' work in any CWD 9860f56
@jonashaag Version 0.2.3 0cb5546
@jonashaag Fix #61: Bug in default-branch guessing logic 0c49c19
@jonashaag Don't fail on completely empty repos 367d8e2
@jonashaag Minor CSS tweak 56b17f7
@jonashaag Don't show pagination if only 1 page 4a13772
@jonashaag make_context -> make_template_context 1aaf423
@jonashaag Changelog f395a56
@jonashaag Changelog 750b85f
@jonashaag Changelog f76f8ec
@jonashaag Fix #60: Don't crash on /blob/ with non-file eef7326
@jonashaag Fix #59: Show download link instead of "Binary data not shown" and "L…
…arge file not shown"
@jonashaag Performance improvement for too-large text files
Don't unnecessarily pygmentize() text that isn't going to be displayed.
@jonashaag Fix #56: Enable 'toc' and 'extra' markdown renderer extensions
Thanks to @ar4s for the initial patch!
@jonashaag Fix #57: Replace 'timesince' with 3rd party implementation a9caf9d
@jonashaag Version 0.3 88ff3bc
@jonashaag Add contribution section to README 13bd01c
@jonashaag rm TODO
Merged into GitHub issues.
Rui Carmo Added FontAwesome, first pass at typography 1b9b69f
@rcarmo rcarmo more CSS tweaks 92b8e49
@rcarmo rcarmo fixed typo 871cc9f
@chaosblog chaosblog Add .markdown as possible extension
some PEP8-Cleanup
@jonashaag Merge pull request #73 from chaosblog/master
Add .markdown as possible extension
@jonashaag Add "autoreloader" WSGI example implementation
Use this if you don't want to restart the server process every time you
want to add a new repository.

Also moved both WSGI files into contrib/ directory as they're both more
of an example than real code.
@rcarmo rcarmo Merge branch 'feature-layout-changes' of into…
… feature-layout-changes

Thanks for your contribution!

I'm open to all sorts of UI improvements and changes but I don't consider any of these changes improvements.

You can't use non-monospaced fonts for commit messages (except, maybe, for the first line) as they may contain formatting that is sensitive to spacing.

Font color, size, hover color, etc. are more or less a matter of taste. Please don't take it personally but I prefer it the way it is right now.

I like the icons, though.

@jonashaag jonashaag closed this Apr 18, 2014
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