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A hexo theme in nunjucks renderer engine.



Getting start

in hexo root directory:

npm install --save hexo-renderer-njks
git clone https://github.com/jonashao/hexo-theme-pteris themes/pteris

Applying the theme by modify _config.yml in hexo project root directory:

theme: pteris

Project Progress

  • index page : 90%
  • post page : 80%
  • archive page: 50% While all pages can be rendered, there are still lots of details that can be cover.

Main todos:

  • SEO for post page
  • Beautify post page
  • Analysis plugins
  • Share plugins
  • Comment plugins
  • Customization
  • Docs


theme variables

Setting those variables in pteris/_config.yml, you need to create the file for the first time.

# main menu navigation
  Archives: /archives
  Tags: /tags

# Miscelaneous
favicon: /favicon.png

# stylesheets loaded in the <head>
# - /css/your.css.file.css

# scripts loaded in the end of the body
# - /js/your.js.file.js

# helping search engine to better understand your site.
keywords: pteris, hexo

# the large image in the front of index page.

# your avatar representing in the header of index page

# title represented in the header of index page.

# description represented in the header of the index page.

# add filing number in the footer

more docs are on the way!

If you are interested in the project or have some 'special needs', welcome to join our project in teambition or come it up in issue.