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Hermes = require "./index"
cfg = require("../config/load_config")()
URL = require "url"
amqp = require "amqp"
async = require "async"
port = cfg.frontend_server.port
port = undefined if port is 80
baseUrl = URL.format
port: port
pathname: cfg.frontend_server.path
protocol: cfg.frontend_server.protocol
scraper = new Hermes.Scraper baseUrl,
excludeFilters: [/^#*\/notifications/]
memoryDebug: true
memoryDebugInterval: 60000
showBrowserLog: false
buildOnDemand = (fragment, cb) ->
scraper.scrape "#!#{fragment}", (err, html) =>
cb err, html
s = new Hermes.Server
buildOnDemandFn: buildOnDemand
s.listen cfg.seo_server.port
rerender = (queue, message) ->
switch message.type
when "user" then fragment = "/#{message.short_name}"
when "category" then fragment = "/categories/#{message.short_name}"
when "story" then fragment = "/story/#{message.story_id}"
console.log "Received a rerender message"
console.log message
console.log "Rendering fragment #{fragment}"
scraper.scrape "#!#{fragment}", (err, html) =>
console.error err if err
# listen for rebuild instructions on rabbitmq as well
connection = amqp.createConnection
port: cfg.amqp.port
login: cfg.amqp.login
password: cfg.amqp.password
vhost: cfg.amqp.vhost
exchange = "amq.topic"
queue = null
# TODO clean up error handling, this implementation eats errors ;)
# If something breaks, it's jonas' fault
"wait for connection": (done) ->
connection.on "ready", -> done()
"wait for exchange": (done) ->
exchange = cfg.amqp.hermes_exchange,
type: 'topic'
durable: true
autoDelete: false
exchange.on "open", -> done()
"wait for queue": (done) ->
queue = connection.queue "seo_renderer",
autoDelete: false,
durable: true
queue.on "open", -> done()
"add binding": (done) ->
queue.bind exchange, "rerender"
queue.on "queueBindOk", -> done()
"subscribe to queue": (done) ->
ack: true
, (message) -> rerender queue, arguments...
, (err) ->
if err
console.error "An error happened :("
console.log err
throw err