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Comparative Javascript Benchmarking Script
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Javascript Benchmark

This is the initial version of what I'm hoping to soon be the Javascript Equivalent of

Javascript Benchmark allows you to comparatively benchmark snippets of JavaScript code that achieve the same thing.


Take a look at test.html (you can use fs.js to start a simple ad-hoc fileserver) and node_example.js.


Things I hope I'll get to soon:

  • jsbm.submit() to submit results to a central server
  • jsbm.require() to pull code (such as jQuery from a remote server)
  • jsbm.environment() to give tons of information about the testing conditions and environment
  • make HTML testbed that allows testing of DOM manipulations and such
  • allow testers to run scripts from the central server and record the results
  • make a frontend for the central server that shows nice graphs and maybe has a few community features
  • consider using a smarter benchmarking script with a variable number of repetitions
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