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# Tasslehoff is a node-based client with aspirations to be a chatbot
# contact:
# @dpritchett on twitter
sys = require 'sys'
WebSocket = require('websocket-client').WebSocket
ioutils = require './support/'
#process command-line arguments i.e. '$ node client.js'
SERVER = process.argv[2] || 'localhost:80'
SERVER += ':80' if':') is -1
client = new WebSocket "ws://#{SERVER}/"
response =
name: 'Tasslehoff'
content: "I'm bored!"
#note that .onmessage automatically pongs back on heartbeat pings
#in order to avoid being dropped by the server
client.onmessage = (m) ->
m = ioutils.decode m # m should be an array of strings
heartbeat = '~h~'
while currMsg = m.pop()
console.log "Got message: #{sys.inspect currMsg}"
# server will drop us if we don't respond to 'heartbeats'
# by resending the same text asap
if currMsg.substr(0, 3) is heartbeat
client.send ioutils.encode(heartbeat + currMsg.substr(3))
# had to delay this because i was sending before the connection was up
setInterval (-> client.send ioutils.encode response), 5000