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Creators Kit

This kit contains documents and templates for different types of software. Join our Slack for questions and creative feedback.

Video Visualiser (add your video and see what it would look like on the building)

Syphoner (simple app for sharing frames using Syphon)

Getting started


TM Processing Template


Simple (tutorial)

TM Unity Simple Template + Visualiser (Mac only)

Advanced (tutorial)

TM Unity Advanced Template (Mac & Windows)



Please note, for all realtime software, check that your app is likely to run on the hardware listed below

After Effects


This project is made on After Effects CC 2017 and comes with two types of compositions; WORKING and OUTPUT. The pixel space of the Working compositions is 16x larger than the actual output. This allows you to create on a reasonable size.



Once you are done with Working on the creative side, you can output your work from two options:

  1. Harpa2018_template_OUTPUT_Visualizer (this render can be used for the online visualiser)
  2. Harpa2018_template_OUTPUT_System (this is the render for the system, your delivery format)



We will provide visitors with an arcade like control setup with 2 joysticks and 4 arcade buttons. These will be mapped like keyboard inputs, so if you want to include any of these controls into your project please refer to the diagram below. Remember that you can choose to not use these at all, or just use a few, up to you!

W, A, S, D (joystick 1 up/left/down/right)
I, J, K, L (joystick 2 up/left/down/right)
Q, E (2 generic buttons mounted next to joystick 1 )
U, O (2 generic buttons mounted next to joystick 2 )
0 (Important: this button (numpad 0) should reset the game state.)


Please ensure that if you are delivering a realtime work (Unity app, Processing, TD etc), that it will run on our target hardware:

Macbook Pro
OSX 10.12
2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Nvidia GT 750M

These documents are provided for the curious and are intended to show exactly how the lights are laid out on the buildings. Pay no attention to the codes on the diagrams, they are for us to worry about, and some of them are wrong anyway. Also note our 77x13 mapping does miss some small rows, and one or two individual lights at the edges. They will remain black.

Harpa Mapping Diagram (thanks to Hugo Bastås for taking the initiative on this!)

Harpa Light Spreadsheet

Harpa Light DMX Patching