A distributed todo list mod for Factorio
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JonasJurczok closes #74 added questlog mode (#98)
closes #74 added questlog mode, changed some translations, updated the pictures
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Factorio Todo-List

A distributed todo list for Factorio to keep track of all the tasks in your factory.


We are playing a lot of multiplayer Factorio in our free time. Especially as bases grow and you progress into the late game it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of all the little things you are planning and have yet to do.

During every session our desk fills with paper notes with little tasks on them but we always keep being annoyed by this less than perfect solution. Hence this mod was created :)

How to use it?

Basic usage

Upon starting a game with this mod (or loading an existing save for that matter) you will find a small button in the upper left corner. Just click it or press shift-T :)


Adding tasks

Click the Add button to add a new task. You can enter a multiline text and choose an assignee. Picking an assignee is optional.

add task

Assigning tasks

There are two ways to assign a task to someone:

  • If a task is created or edited you can pick an assignee there.
  • If a task is unassigned you can click the Assign to me button to assign it to yourself.


Completing tasks

Just click the checkbox besides the task to mark it as completed. The task will be moved to the done list.


To get it back to the open list, just click on the Show completed tasks button and uncheck the checkbox.

show completed

Editing tasks

Click on the edit button besides a task to bring up a small screen. There you can modify the task.

Deleting tasks

If you want to remove a task you can do that from the edit screen.

Hide the minimized UI?

Is the minimized UI (the "Todo List" button) still taking up your precious screen space?

In the settings menu you can disable it. Then you'll only be able to use the hotkey (default shift-t) to show/hide the todo list.

How to contribute?

If you want to contribute feel free to create a pull request (with new translations for example).

Otherwise you can create an issue if you find a bug or have an idea for a feature.

If you don't have a github account feel free to contact us via mail at jonasjurczok+factorio@gmail.com.


Credit where credit is due :)




  • Questlog mode. There is a setting to transform the todo list to a questlog (#74).
  • Fixed bug. Imported subtasks are always open now (#92).
  • Fixed german translation. (Thanks Kingmax007)


  • Updated russian translation. (Thanks MasterLogick)
  • Updated chinese translation. (Thanks 笑脸)


  • Bugfix: export/import dialogs don't grow outside the screen anymore when working with long strings.
  • Updated polish translations. (Thanks Virtual0txt)


  • It is now possible to add subtasks to tasks
    • Open the details view to add subtasks


  • Fixed a bug that the main button does not hide the UI anymore (#81)
  • Fixed polish translation. (Thanks Virtual0txt)


  • Fixed that tasks are invisible after opening the main UI with the button (#79). (Thanks Omnifarious)


  • Tasks are now separated in title and details. (Thanks Tarrke)
    • Title is a one line textfield
    • Details is multiline
    • Details can be viewed in the main UI after clicking the "show details" button (down arrows)
  • Tasks now display created by and modified by in the edit screen. (Thanks Tarrke)
  • Added polish translation. (Thanks Virtual0txt)


  • It is now possible to delete tasks
  • It is now possible to export and import tasks similar to blueprints
  • The button text now switches between the following states
    • No tasks available: Todo List
    • Tasks available: Todo List: X tasks available
    • Task assigned to player: Todo List:
  • Fixed credits for 16.4.0


  • Fixed a crash when editing a task (thanks Tarrke)


  • The button now only shows the first line of the task, not everything.
  • Added russian translation (thanks TheMrEvgen)


  • Modifyed UI so the button displays the current assigned task for each players. Thanks Tarrke!
  • Added openning the edit dialog when clicking a task in the list feature. Thanks Tarrke!


  • Added auto assign feature. Thanks Tarrke!
  • Added localization for buttons. Thanks hoylemd!
  • Added styles for everything. Thanks hoylemd!
  • Streamlined the UI. Thanks hoylemd!
  • Lots of code refactorings. Thanks hoylemd!


  • Added French translation
  • Fixed a bug where clicking add/edit twice would crash the game


  • Added sorting of tasks. Thanks to Tarrke for the reminder, input and code examples


  • Updates are now transfered on demand and not every 250ms anymore. This should improve performance by a lot.
  • Added scrollbar to make it usable with a lot of tasks
  • Added window height option to match default window height to screen size
  • Major code refactoring to make it easier to maintain


  • Bugfix: it was not possible to load old saves that did not contain this mod

1.4.0 (technical release)

  • Added settings for debug messages (mostly interesting for development)
  • Major code refactoring to make future changes much easier


  • Added setting to hide the minimized UI and work only with hotkey


  • Added hotkey shift-t to toggle the UI
  • Add cancel button to add/edit frame


  • Added german translation
  • Added pictures to the documentation


  • Minimizable UI
  • Add tasks
  • Complete/uncomplete tasks
  • Show/Hide completed tasks
  • Assign tasks to self/others