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Netlify Status

This is my personal blog built with Gatsby. You can read it at:

Getting started



To install dependencies, run

$ yarn

Environment variables

Add a .env.development file to the project root to enable environment variables for development. See .env.example for the required environment variables.

If you want to test out the production build of the site, you need to also add a .env.production file.

Useful commands

To start the development server, run

$ yarn start

To build the site, run

$ yarn build

To preview a built version of the site locally, run

$ yarn build && yarn serve


To run the tests, run

$ yarn test

To run the tests in watch mode, run

$ yarn test --watch

End-to-end tests are located in cypress/e2e. You can run them by running

$ yarn test:e2e

To run the e2e tests in CI mode, run

$ yarn test:e2e:ci


The site is deployed using Netlify. Deploy config can be found in .netlify.toml.

Each push to the main branch triggers a new build.