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Resteasy example
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RESTEasy/Backbone.js Sample Project

This is a sample project to demonstate a working backbone.js application that uses RESTEasy to provide RESTful services.

Tools Used: RESTEasy 3.0.3

  • Backbone.js
  • Underscore.js
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • Java - 1.6 JDK
  • Jetty

To Run locally using Jetty: mvn jetty:run

Browseable at: http://localhost:9095

To Package WAR for deployment:

mvn jetty:package

To Execute Unit Tests:

mvn jetty:test

To Run locally using JBoss 7/EAP 6:

Download and Start JBoss as normal

Deploy (WAR): mvn jboss-as:deploy

Undeploy mvn jboss-as:undeploy

Redploy: mvn jboss-as:redeploy

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