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FOAF+SSL authentication library for Erlang

This erlang library provides an easy way to authenticate users that have a FOAF+SSL enabled WebID and a corresponding SSL Client Certificate.

The Problems

  • This is my first Erlang project ever and I threw that code together during a train journey. So this is probably the ugliest bit of code you can find on the internet.
  • The SPARQL query is done by calling a command line tool and the output parsing is the most dilettantish attempt ever.
  • You need to use the new ssl implementation of Erlang which has a few bugs in the stable release and you also need to patch it. A patch is provided against the R14A beta release of Erlang. I will try to send this patch upstream so hopefully you will not have to apply this patch manually in the future.

The Good News

  • It works for my WebID I created at I hope this also works with other WebIDs but I did not test this yet.
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