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iTodo for Sublime Text

iTodo is a GTD tool for managing todo list in Sublime Text editor. This plugin contains a few text commands and syntax definition for ".todo" files.


To install this plugin, you have two options:

  • Clone source code to Sublime Text 2 app folder, eg. ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/iTodo.
  • If you have Package Control installed, simply search for iTodo to install.


"⌘ + i": new task

"⌘ + d": toggle task completed


Suppose we have a following todo file:

Project A:
	- call mum tomorrow at 8 am.

Highlight this item line and press "⌘ + d", it marks a tag "@done" and also appends timestamp.

Project A:
	+ call mum tomorrow at 8 am. @done (2012-01-08 18:12)

iTodo - Sublime Text 2上的GTD插件


Thanks Taskmate for TextMate (

Source code and support