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Achievements for Visual Studio .NET 2010

Important information: In order to run the project from code, please read the [Wiki Page] (

MORE IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you want to try the current alpha-quality releases, remember to use the "Strokes Achievement Project"-template (located in the Visual C# Category in the New Project Dialog of Visual Studio), since we ONLY check for achievements within projects of this type!

**Information on using the application: A wiki page on how to install , use and uninstall Strokes can be found here [Wiki Page] (

This Visual Studio Extension strives to provide a tool for teaching C# to beginners and give experienced programmers an opportunity to catch up with all the features of the C# programming language.

This project is currently in a beta stage, and you can download a copy from the downloads section here on github. This extension is a proper Visual Studio 2010 extension, so it is easily removed with visual studios extension management features. The only data this extension writes to your hard drive (except for it's assemblies deployed by the VSIX installer), is a small XML file in your AppData Directory that contains which achievements you've unlocked.

Create a new Strokes Achievement Project New Project

You can now start writing achievements. If you want to try our challenges, then follow these steps:

Add a new item New Project

Choose your challenge! New Project

Highlighting of which code completed a specific achievement Achievement Highlighting

Notifications of which achievements were completed when you compile Achievement Notification

The Achievement Statistics Page Achievement Statistics