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Tool to create graphical representations of Goal Structuring Notations from YAML.
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This little script converts Goal Structuring Notation in YAML to a graphical representation.

Feel free to use it and please let me know.

Python 3 is required with the following modules pathlib, jinja2, yaml. Moreover, Graphviz dot is required.


On Windows you can just run:

gsn2x.cmd <yourgsnfile> [<output format, e.g. png>]

On other systems you can create a PNG like this:

python -s gsn2dot.yslt <yourgsnfile> | dot -Tpng > <yourgsnfile.png>

Syntax in YAML

The following GSN elements are supported: Goals (G), Argument (A), Justification (J), Solution (Sn) and Strategy (S).

Every element is defined by a letter and a number. The first line of the element is its text. The supportedBy gives a list of the supporting arguments, justifications or assumptions.

 - "Goal"
 - supportedBy: [S1]

 - "Strategy"
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