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@@ -23,23 +23,16 @@ Make sure you have XHProf installed.
If you are on a mac you can easily install it via [Macports][2]
sudo port install php5-xhprof
-### Get the bundle
+### Composer
-To install the bundle, place it in the `src/Jns/Bundle` directory of your project
-(so that it lives at `src/Jns/Bundle/XhprofBundle`). You can do this by adding
-the bundle as a submodule, cloning it, or simply downloading the source.
+Add the following dependencies to your projects composer.json file:
- git submodule add src/Jns/Bundle/XhprofBundle
+ "require": {
+ # ..
+ "jns/xhprof-bundle": "dev-master"
+ # ..
+ }
-### Add the Jns namespace to your autoloader
-If this is the first Jns bundle in your Symfony 2 project, you'll
-need to add the `Jns` namespace to your autoloader. This file is usually located at `app/autoload.php`.
- $loader->registerNamespaces(array(
- 'Jns' => __DIR__.'/../src'
- // ...
- ));
### Initializing the bundle

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