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Gitian Building

Last updated: October 19, 2021

This is based on fanquake's gitian-building, a resource I began updating in January 2020 with info and changes that were helpful when using it for the first time. Since then, this is updated regularly.

If you have already set up your environment for gitian builds, you can skip directly to Make Base VM for Gitian Building below.

Bitcoin Core releases are reproducibly built using Gitian Builder.

Gitian is the deterministic build process that is used to build the Bitcoin Core executables. It provides a way to be reasonably sure that the executables are really built from the git source. It also makes sure that the same, tested dependencies are used and statically built into the executable.

Multiple developers build the source code by following a specific descriptor ("recipe"), cryptographically sign the result, and upload the resulting signature. These results are compared and only if they match, the build is accepted and provided for download.

More independent Gitian builders are needed, which is why this guide exists. It is preferred you follow the steps yourself instead of using someone else's VM image to avoid "contaminating" the build.

For further information, the Bitcoin Core "Gitian building" documentation is at

Initial Dependencies

This is a simplified version of the dependencies documentation in -- don't hesitate to refer to it for further info or if you get stuck.


If coreutils or ruby is already included in your distribution, remove it from this line:

sudo apt install apt-cacher-ng coreutils ruby


brew install coreutils ruby

Gitian-builder needs sha256sum, which doesn't exist on macOS.

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/gsha256sum /usr/local/bin/sha256sum
brew cask install docker && brew link docker

Docker info for all platforms

  • To install Docker, see the information for your platform here: Docker Engine overview.
  • For the build script below to function, Linux users may need to allow Docker to run as a non-root user.
  • Once Docker is installed, run it at least once (e.g. with docker run hello-world or by opening the app) so Docker can request and set up the necessary permissions.
  • You might want to give Docker access to more CPUs, RAM, etc. This can be done by going to Preferences -> Advanced in the app and allocating as required.

Initial Setup

mkdir gitian-building
pushd gitian-building

Fork and clone a copy of the gitian.sigs repository.

# After forking on GitHub
git clone

Clone the other required repositories.

git clone
git clone
git clone # sigs for macOS and Windows only

Download the gitian inputs/dependencies into gitian-builder.

pushd gitian-builder
make -C ../bitcoin/depends download SOURCES_PATH=`pwd`/cache/common
mkdir -p inputs
wget -P inputs
wget -O inputs/osslsigncode-2.0.tar.gz
wget -P inputs
wget -P inputs
wget iP inputs

If building gitian for Bitcoin Core 0.20.x on macOS, you'll need:

wget -P inputs

If building gitian for Bitcoin Core 0.19.x on macOS, you'll need:

wget -P inputs

Exit when you're done with the downloads.


Make Base VM for Gitian Building

pushd gitian-builder
git pull # pull any updates
bin/make-base-vm --suite bionic --arch amd64 --docker

If you encounter an error about connection timeouts and are running a firewall like UFW, you may need to open port 3142, which is required for the apt-cacher-ng web server:

ufw allow 3142/tcp
ufw reload

Set up and check out the branches to build

You can run the following git tag command from within your local bitcoin repository to see the Bitcoin Core release tags and descriptions, ordered by most recent last.

pushd bitcoin
git tag -n | sort -V

Update the version and signer values with the version to build and your username.

export VERSION=0.20.2
export SIGNER=your_username
export USE_DOCKER=1

pushd bitcoin
git checkout v$VERSION

Build Unsigned Sigs

Since we'll be creating a PR to the gitian.sigs repo, make a new branch off master:

pushd gitian.sigs
git checkout -b $SIGNER-$VERSION-unsigned master

All of the instructions in this section are to be run from within the gitian-builder directory:

pushd gitian-builder


The first time depends is built for a new version, it can take a long time, as dependencies are being built for all architectures and operating systems. Subsequent builds will be much faster, as only Bitcoin Core is being compiled.

If you encounter any errors, it may be helpful to restart the base VM, or more rarely, delete the cache in gitian-builder/cache and rebuild the depends:

# Don't do these unless you need to, because it takes much more time.
rm -r cache
make -C ../bitcoin/depends download SOURCES_PATH=`pwd`/cache/common

Follow build progress from the gitian-builder directory root using:

tail -f var/install.log # Setup
tail -f var/build.log # Building dependencies and Bitcoin Core


tail -f ~/projects/bitcoin/gitian-builder/var/install.log
tail -f ~/projects/bitcoin/gitian-builder/var/build.log


tail -f ~/projects/bitcoin/gitian-builder/var/*.log

Now, on to building the unsigned sigs

You would normally run all three of these (Linux, Windows, and macOS) and submit the results in one PR.

Adjust num-make (number of cores, like for make -j) and memory (RAM) as needed below. For instance, I have four cores and add one for the num_make value.

The first build will be slow. The subsequent ones will go faster.


bin/gbuild --num-make 5 --memory 12000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-linux --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-linux.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/src/bitcoin-*.tar.gz ../


bin/gbuild --num-make 5 --memory 12000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-win-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-win-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-win-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.zip build/out/bitcoin-*.exe ../


bin/gbuild --num-make 5 --memory 12000 --commit bitcoin=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-osx-unsigned --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*-osx-unsigned.tar.gz inputs/bitcoin-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
mv build/out/bitcoin-*.tar.gz build/out/bitcoin-*.dmg ../

Commit Unsigned Sigs

pushd gitian.sigs
git add .
git commit -m "$SIGNER $VERSION unsigned"
git push -u origin $SIGNER-$VERSION-unsigned

Go to and open a PR from that commit. Done 🍻

Build Signed Sigs

Signed signatures can be built once the detached sigs are available in the detached-sigs repo. They are often pushed a day or so after the release is tagged and announced on the #bitcoin-core-dev IRC channel with a message like "22.0.0 detached signatures are up and tagged."

pushd bitcoin-detached-sigs
git pull # pull new detached signatures

You would normally run both of these (macOS and Windows) and submit the results in one PR. These build far faster than the builds for the unsigned signatures -- within a minute or so, or even a few seconds.

Since we'll be creating a PR to the gitian.sigs repo, make a new branch off master:

pushd gitian.sigs
git checkout -b $SIGNER-$VERSION-signed master

Then navigate to gitian-builder

pushd gitian-builder


bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-osx-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-osx-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-osx-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-osx-signed.dmg ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-osx.dmg


bin/gbuild -i --commit signature=v${VERSION} ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
bin/gsign --signer "$SIGNER" --release ${VERSION}-win-signed --destination ../gitian.sigs/ ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
bin/gverify -v -d ../gitian.sigs/ -r ${VERSION}-win-signed ../bitcoin/contrib/gitian-descriptors/gitian-win-signer.yml
mv build/out/bitcoin-*win64-setup.exe ../bitcoin-${VERSION}-win64-setup.exe

Commit Signed Sigs

pushd gitian.sigs
git add .
git commit -m "$SIGNER $VERSION signed"
git push -u origin $SIGNER-$VERSION-signed

Go to and open a PR from that commit. Done 🍻

One-off builds

You can invoke one-off builds using:

pushd gitian-builder

env USE_DOCKER=1 ./bin/gbuild -j8 -m 6000 \
--commit bitcoin=79218eae27f62e246d52dc6cda4e8846293e1c8e \
--url bitcoin= \

Useful for testing PRs like #17787.