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In order to use Groupifier you need to be a manager (either delegate or organizer) of an upcoming competition. Once you sign via the WCA website, you should see a list of those competitions.

To work properly, the app needs all the information regarding events and schedule, which can be specified on the WCA website in the competition's edit section.

Obviously it also needs registrations to work on. If the competitions uses WCA registration, the data is automatically available. Otherwise you need to import the registrations to the WCA website first (using the standard registrations CSV file). Again, you can find this option in competition's menu.

How to use it?

Once you select your competition, you're presented with several configuration/management steps:

  • Roles management - that's useful if you have some staff people among competitors. You can mark them as specific kinds of staff (e.g. judges, scramblers), so that they can be prioritized during task assignment. Even if that's not your case, you still want to mark who's dataentry (assuming it's a competitor), this ensures the person is not assigned other tasks.
  • Configuration - that's the place where you specify how many groups and staff people you want for each round/room. The app does its best populating the configuration according to the number of stations and competitors, but you have full control over the final numbers. There is some misc configuration as well.
  • Manage groups - once you fine tuned the groups configuration you can go ahead and create them (they are stored as child activities in the schedule, which opens a possibility of future schedule view displaying individual groups). At this point the app sets the number of scramble sets you're gonna need for each round, so that you can generate the necessary scrambles in few clicks using TNoodle. Here comes the most important part, with a single click you assign people to groups and tasks, and that's it! Under the hood there's much computation going on, as the app aims to handle complex schedules (with multiple simultaneous rooms/stages, running many events at the same time). As much as possible competitors are ordered worst-to-best (i.e. using official rankings for first rounds, and competition results for subsequent ones). You may specify other sorting rules in the configuration as well.
  • Print documents - a place where you print PDFs (like scorecards and competitor cards).

What about subsequent rounds?

Groupifier has been built with this matter in mind and it allows you to assign tasks and print scorecards whenever subsequent rounds are open during the competition. The only requirement here is for the results platform to save results to the WCA website and the recommended WCA Live does just that! When using WCA Live make sure to synchronize after opening any new round. You can find more information in the WCA Live Guide.

Any way to try it out in a test environment?

Sure! Take a look at the Playground section.

If you have any questions, go ahead and email me at