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A Budgie applet to toggle screen dimming temporarily.


It is typically good security practice to have strict lock settings to reduce the risk of an intruder physically gaining access to a system while the user is away. However, when the user present but does not need to interact with his or her current session, there should be a mechanism to toggle between guarded and unguarded states easily. This application fulfills that role.


Caffeine takes the form of a toggle button that is initially deactivated. It controls four settings:

  1. idle-dim, which controls whether the screen dims when idle,
  2. sleep-inactive-ac-type, which controls the sleep behavior during inactivity while on AC power,
  3. sleep-inactive-battery-type, which is the counterpart for sleep-inactive-ac-type on battery power, and
  4. idle-delay, which controls when to issue a blank screen.


  1. When the button is activated, the applet saves the current values of the above four settings, then overwrites them with:
    1. idle-dim to false,
    2. sleep-inactive-ac-type to "nothing",
    3. sleep-inactive-battery-type to "nothing", and
    4. idle-delay to 0, which indicates the screen should never blank.
  2. When the button is then deactivated, the applet restores the settings saved on activation.


Deactivated button

Activated button

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