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JS13K Starter

This repository allow you to quick start your JS13K project to develop, compile, minify and zip you JS13K project.

Uses adfab-gulp-boilerplate to compile sass or less, concat you JS, minify your assets...with additional tasks to zip and improve minification


Run npm install in the project directory to install all needed packages.

Coding fr JS13K

Create/update files in sources folder.

We advice you to use functions instead of objects, for a better minification of your JS and take less place (so more place for more content).

In source files files a prefixed with numbers to set the loading order order of your files. If you prefer you can define the loading order in gulp-config and ad them manually.

Gulp commands

gulp to compile your files

gulp watch to compile your files and watch for file updates to compile again

gulp serve will host the game on your vhost set in gulp-config.json

gulp --production builds the production version of the project (minified, no sourcemap...).

gulp zip creates the zip file for competition and concatenates css/js in a single html file to add more optimisation

Generate you final game

run gulp --production && gulp zip

Your file will be generated in /dist folder.

Update path and config

You can update path and other config in gulp-config.json file.

You can remove eslint/sasslint if you don't want it. You can add your custom tasks in gulp-tasks folder.


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