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Britto - a blog made using Meteor

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Britto a simple blog made with Meteor. Current version: 0.2.4

How to use

To use Britto, you need to install Meteor:

curl | sh

Then you can clone the code onto your system:

git clone git://

Add packages Britto needs:

//You need to add in Stellar which isn't an official package yet
//My meteor package dir was here: /usr/lib/meteor/packages/  or  /usr/local/meteor/packages. You should just be able to run the following command there.
//If however this offends you, you should be able to copy stellas contents into the lib/ folder and it work fine :)
git clone git://

//In the app direcory now:
meteor add stellar

Move to that directory and deploy to your own location:

cd britto
meteor deploy [yourlocation]

You can then visit your applications address and login with username: admin and password: password.


To style Meteor you can edit: /client/css/britto.css To use bootstrap: rm /client/css/britto.css mv /client/css/britto.bootstrap /client/css/britto.css meteor add bootstrap


So if anyone wanted page transitions from before... it has been disabled but it is coming back, the code is still available just not working just yet :).

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