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A web app that tries to answer the eternal question: "Which DQ® blizzard is best blizzard?"
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Blizzard Judge

This is the source code for, the web app that helps answer the age old question: "Which is the very best Dairy Queen® blizzard?"

Users can create an account and then start rating and reviewing blizzards. Users can also create their own custom blizzards and have others comment and review their creations. Photos are attached to reviews in order to document true blizzard verdicts.

After a blizzard has been reviewed 2 or more times, it will be added to the legendary Top Ten List.

Developer Installation

  1. Clone or download this repository.
  2. npm install
  3. Copy ./variables.example to ./variables.env
  4. Configure your Mongo Database string inside variables.env
  5. Configure your SMTP email server credentials and addresses/names inside variables.env (edit any key that begins with MAIL_)
  6. Configure your Cloudinary API credentials inside variables.env (edit any key that begins with CLOUDINARY_)
  7. Add a unique application KEY and SECRET to variables.env
  8. Optional: copy ./variables.env to ./variables.production.env (for production values) and edit as you see fit.
  9. npm run dev
  10. Visit http://localhost:4321 Party on Wayne.

You can seed the database with some live data from the Dairy Queen® Canada website by running npm run load-dq-data. This will check if the blizzards on this page are already located in your database and, if not, add them to your blizzard collection.

Deployment (Heroku)

You can python to add all of the Heroky "config variables" at once to Heroku. Then just it's just a heroku push master kinda thang...

Tech Stack

Blizzard Judge uses the following:

  • Node/ES6
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Cloudinary (for image storage)
  • Axios
  • Passport.js (user authentication)
  • Pug (for templating)
  • Webpack


I saw a need for something really important that didn't exist in our world so I built it.

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