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Jonathan Bell's personal website 👨‍💻

Source code for


  • Get ESLint working
  • Update resume content
  • Add "uses" page
  • Update Node deps.

This site holds:

  1. My online résumé. 😃
  2. My blog
  3. A listing of my past and current projects
  4. Links to my social media, etc.

Please feel free to use this repo as a template for your own résumé but please also remember to change the content, thank you!

This blog and project website is built with Astro. 🚀


  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. cd
  3. npm i
  4. npm run dev will run the site locally with the Vite server

Developer commands

All commands are run from the root of the project:

Command Action
npm install Installs dependencies
npm run dev Starts local dev server at localhost:3000
npm run test Run unit tests
npm run test:all Run unit & node tests
npm run lint Run ESLint over Vue, TS, Astro, and JS files
npm run lint:fix Run ESLint: Vue, TS, Astro, and JS files + fix
npm run build Build your production site to ./dist/
npm run preview Preview your build locally, before deploying
npm run astro ... Run Astro CLI commands like astro add, astro check
npm run astro --help Get help using the Astro CLI


  1. npm run build
  2. Upload the static files to your favorite static site host. I like Netlify and GitHub Pages.