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Export tab

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The Export tab provides way to export your downloaded matches into an Excel file that can be read easily. The Excel file exported from this tab contains no information about clusters or shared matches at all. It simply includes the highest-to-lowest list of all of your shared matches. Otherwise, the data is formatted in the same way as in the saved cluster diagram.

Exporting fast data-only downloads

If you are not interested in generating clusters... well, you're missing out. But if you really are not interested in generating clusters, the Export tab works well in conjunction with fast downloads of match data only, to generate a spreadsheet that contains all of your primary matches without taking the time to download the shared match information that is otherwise needed for generating clusters.

Export default

Ancestry host name

Ancestry host name

The host name used when browsing the Ancestry web site. This will be used in the links that are generated in the similarity file. This value defaults to; users outside of the United States might want to change it to,,, or some other localized Ancestry site.

Progress bar

Progress bar

The progress bar shows the status of the filtering operation.

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