An example Django project showing how to implement custom users.
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Django Custom User Example

This is an example Django project that demonstrates the configurable User model available in Django 1.5. It is inspired by Dr. Russell Keith-Magee's talk at DjangoCon US 2013 Red User, Blue User, MyUser, auth.User.

Getting Started

Clone this repository:

$ git clone
$ cd django-custom-user-example

Create a virtual environment for this project and install Django (1.5.4+ recommended):

$ mkvirtualenv customuser
(customuser) $ pip install django

Run syncdb or migrate (depending on your Django version) and create a superuser when prompted: (Django < 1.9)

(customuser) $ python syncdb

(Django 1.9+)

(customuser) $ python migrate
(customuser) $ python createsuperuser

Run runserver:

(customuser) $ python runserver

Finally, open up in your browser and login with the superuser just created. You should see your custom user under "Accounts".


Running Tests Locally

  • Tests have been added to this sample project. You can install these tests from

dev-requirements. - Py.Test has been integrated with the test suite. In order to run these tests just run the following command py.test

  • In case you want to see your test coverage, just run py.test --cov .


Suggestions for any modifications, please feel free to fork and contribute!

Please file bugs at