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This is a roadmap for the Pinax 0.9 release. It is broken down into three
sections. MUST, SHOULD and COULD. See each section for details.
We would love for those who are looking to contribute to work on what is on
this list. MUST has full core developer support. SHOULD we are deferring
somewhat to the community, but if a core developer wants to pick something up
they might. COULD we are entirely looking at the community to get done for
this release.
Note that new apps will generally only be accepted if they are used in a
starter project (either existing or new). Also note that starter projects have
differing levels of maturity and stability and we're focused more on the
"lower level" projects like zero_project and basic_project for the initial
alpha and will move up the stack, doing something like social_project last.
(we won't ship 0.9 without these)
* implement better per-object permissions (leveraging Django 1.2)
* make use of e-mail backends (django-mailer supports it in master, but needs
to be integrated/tested)
* finish django-friends split and get all split apps working
* clean up tagging (consider moving to django-taggit)
* decide and do something about notification / activity stream
* change over wiki to wakawaka
* change over blog to biblion
* sort out photos issues: photologue vs imagekit, etc, etc
* clean-up profiles to give a good answer to: "How do I add more fields to a
user?" (in progress)
* [DONE] implement improved_install branch from proposals:
* all tests at Pinax AND project-level must pass
(it would be really good to get these done)
* alternative themes (mostly including what Pinax needs to do to support these
better, with at least one more included as a proof of concept)
* settings refactor
* externalize and clean up some of the apps currently included
* better i18n/l10n support
* add more external authentication (FB Connect and OAuth providers)
* workflow
* open stack
* calendar / events
(more likely 1.0 unless someone steps up to take ownership)
* come up with CMS story
* come up with e-commerce story
* [DONE] add zero_project
* finish settings refactor
* anything contributed during the sprints is merged back in
* [DONE] rethink the package data strategy (possibly get rid of
* make sure AUTHORS file is complete
* [DONE] implement proposals: and
* [DONE] ensure per-project requirements files are complete and accurate
* integrate in django-compressor (nice-to-have)
* [DONE] switch to PEP386-compliant version naming
* update CHANGELOG
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