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Unless otherwise instructed run all commands from a command prompt opened from the project directory (ie this directory).

Install Node

Check if node has already been installed by opening a command prompt and running the following command:

> node -v

If not already installed download and install Node from

Install the Grunt CLI

Install the Grunt CLI by opening a command prompt as Administrator and running the following command:

> npm install -g grunt-cli

To make sure Grunt has been properly installed, you can run the following command:

> grunt --version

Install Git

If you wish to use Git for version control, download and install from Git


Install NPM project dependencies, build and run the app.

> npm install

If errors occur during this process you may need to update your versions of Node and NPM.


Automatically build the app when code changes are made

> grunt watch

Build the code during development

> grunt build

Start the App

> npm start


Version control

> grunt bump:patch


> npm run dist

### Deployment to web`
> npm run deploy

Read on for more details...


Increments the version number, commits your changes and creates a new release on github:

Version bumped to 0.0.1-0

> grunt bump:prepatch

Version bumped to 0.0.1-1

> grunt bump:prerelease

Version bumped to 0.0.1

> grunt bump:patch

Version bumped to 0.1.1-0

> grunt bump:preminor

Version bumped to 0.1.1

> grunt bump:minor

Version bumped to 1.1.1-0

> grunt bump:premajor

Version bumped to 1.1.1

> grunt bump:major

When a pre bump is used ./dist/nsis-web/latest.yml is not generated. Instead the pre number (ie -1) is used to generate ./dist/nsis-web/1.yml. This makes sure end users arent accidentally upgraded to a prelease version. But you will have to run the .exe file to install and test the app as autoUpdater wont work because latest.yml has not changed. We cant just rename 1.yml to latest.yml and hope autoUpdater will work because it will be looking for 1.yml.

To switch off github commits make the following changes to the bump attributes in gruntfile.js:

  • commit: false
  • createTag: false
  • push: false

Potential GitHub Errors

Error 1

> Fatal error: Can not create the commit: 'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

see 'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command

You need to add git to your list of PATH environment variables.

  • Right-click "My Computer"
  • Select "Properties"
  • Open "Advanced"
  • Click "Environment Variables"
  • Highlight the "Path" variable
  • Click "Edit"
  • Add your specific path to front of "Variable value" field, separated by a semicolon from the existing entry. Do not add a space between ; and last entry
  • In windows 7 the path could be: ;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd;
  • And Don't Forget to close and reopen your command prompt!!

Error 2

> github --credentials get: github: command not found

Try installing Git

Error 3

> This repository is configured for Git LFS but 'git-lfs' was not found on your path

see Dealing with annoying git error

  • Open .git\hooks\pre-push and comment out all the lines in the file.


Use the following command to generate dist and deploy folders.

dist contains the application files.

deploy contains the required application files plus the website files. This is the folder that will be deployed to the web.

> npm run dist


> npm run deploy

This will transfer the deploy directory to using

Usernames and passwords for the site should be stored in a json file named .ftppass in the project folder using the following format:

		"username": "username1",
		"password": "password1"

Replace username1 and password1 with the correct values found in O:\InstantAtlas Online (IAO)\Entry Level\AzureConnections.docx


Record changes in changelog.json - do not edit or ./website/release-notes.html. These are generated using grunt build-website