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Eclipse Plugin Configurations

This project includes the various plugin configurations I use when developing in Eclipse. Many people don't know that you can import and export your plugin configuration to save time when setting up a new instance of Eclipse. To do so, follow these steps from within Eclipse:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Export
  3. Choose Install
  4. Select Installed Software Items to File
  5. Click Next, select the plugins you wish to export and Finish the wizard.

The import process is simply the reverse of the export process.

Useful Plugins

Here are some must have plugins this configuration includes:

  • Eclipse Color Theme
  • EGit / JGit for Git
  • Subclipse for Subversion
  • Glance - Mark occurences anywhere
  • Grep Console - Makes working with the console / log awesome
  • M2Eclipse and various M2E connectors
  • Eclipse MAT for Heap Analysis
  • JVM Monitor for profiling
  • MoreUnit makes creating and going to test cases simple