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Hacker News CLI

Use hcknws to view and open links/comments of Hacker News stories.


  1. nodejs & npm
  2. Lumo
  3. Pkg (For building binaries)

Running locally

# Install deps
$ npm install

# Run with Lumo in hcknws repo
$ lumo -c src src/hcknws/core.cljs

Build & Install from source

# Ensure deps are installed
$ npm install

# Build with Lumo
$ lumo -c src build.cljs

# Install globally with npm (within root of hcknws)
$ npm install -g

Install manually

  1. Download release (only mac at the moment)
  2. Unzip & place it on your $PATH where your shell can find it (eg. ~/bin)
  3. Set it to be executable (chmod a+x ~/bin/hcknws)


# In any dir
$ hcknws

Distributing binaries

Install Pkg, or similar.

# Example of building node 6 on mac.
$ pkg -t node6-macos-x64 -o builds/macos/hcknws package.json

# Zip for distribution
$ cd builds/macos
$ zip hcknws