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Turns a checkbox into one that selects or deselects other checkboxes on the page
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A checkbox named 'select-all' that checks and un-checks all others on the page


The defaults can be very inefficient. It's better to specify the selector for the group of checkboxes and each row

  group: 'form.some_form',
  row: 'input.some_inputs'

You can also specify a callback method for when checkboxes change their value

  onchange: function(checked, unchecked){
    /* do some stuff */

For example, highlight the checked rows in a table (this 'info' class works with twitter bootstrap)

  onchange: function(checked, unchecked){

As a bonus, throw this in to be able to toggle a checkbox when clicking on its table row

$(document).on('click', 'tr', function(e){
  var checkbox = $(this).find('input[type="checkbox"]');
  checkbox.prop('checked', !checkbox.prop('checked'));
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