AudioScope demo written in Angular 2 + TypeScript
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AudioScope demo written in Angular 2 + TypeScript

This demo is broken into stages, so you can start with a basic HTML+JS app and convert it to Angular 2+TS a step at a time.

Stage 1

Our starting app, written in HTML+JS.

Stage 2

Move to .ts files, creating a blank tsconfig.json, and adding a few casts.

Stage 3

Move to using classes and a few type annotations.

Stage 4 (optional)

Move to using a class hierarchy and generics.

Stage 5

Move to modules and compiling to AMD.

Stage 6

Move to using Angular 2 and rendering our first component.

Stage 7

Move to using Angular 2 for the whole application. We switch from a canvas to using SVG (more friendly to being declarative), and we preload the audio files to simplify switching. We also throw in a few buttons for good measure.