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Lucius color scheme for vim
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This repository has the Lucius color scheme for Vim. It is already organized under a "colors" directory, so you can clone the repo into your own vimfiles (or under bundle, if you use Pathogen).

The color scheme is available for other applications, as well. They can be found here:

Some sample screenshots of the different configurations:

Dark LuciusDark

Dark High Contrast LuciusDarkHighContrast

Dark Low Contrast LuciusDarkLowContrast

Black LuciusBlack

Black High Contrast LuciusBlackHighContrast

Black Low Contrast LuciusBlackLowContrast

Light LuciusLight

Light Low Contrast LuciusLightLowContrast

White LuciusWhite

White Low Contrast LuciusWhiteLowContrast

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