Example of a Pinch, Zoom and Rotate Gesture for Orgami
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Example of a Pinch, Zoom and Rotate Gesture for Orgami


More example found at http://www.justaddmusicmedia.com/work/prototypes/

Tutorial composition on builting a Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, XY position interaction like demostrated in Facebook's Paper application.

Built with the prototyping tool Origami (by Facebook)

Email me if you use this composition would be great to check out your work. Have fun learning QC and Origami

Facebook Community discussion and video https://www.facebook.com/groups/origami.community/permalink/748496958582522/ https://vimeo.com/126592460


  • Mulitouch gestures
  • Pinch to shrink and Zoom
  • Pinch and Rotate
  • Dragging
  • POP bounce animations

iPhone 6 Screenshot iPhone 6 with background Screenshot

How to Use

  • Clone this repo
  • Open the QC folder
  • Open the .qc files
  • Have fun!

iPhone 6 Multiface Screenshot


Requires Quartz Composer and Origami

code and viewer Screenshot