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MIDI Adobe AIR Native Extension
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MIDI Adobe AIR Native Extension

I am currently seeking contributors to this project for a PC version and extending the MacOSX version!

Knowledge of AS3 Signals by Rob Penner is a must, the whole AS3 API is based on signals.

** This is a pre-release alpha. It is buggy but usable. It supports MIDI time clock so you should be able to wire it up to Traktor or Ableton with some know-how (I have successfully run it with Traktor). Also supports regular MIDI notes, multiple MIDI input sources, etc!

To set up the correct internal MIDI buses for Traktor, follow the instructions detailed here. They are essentially the same:

Documentation to come, but if you're hungry enough, there's enough here to get started.


AppKit.framework CoreData.framework CoreMIDI.framework Foundation.framework

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