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Hugo port of the Casper 3 theme originally by Ghost.
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A demo with feature images is available in the repository jonathanjanssens/hugo-casper3-demo.


$ cd themes
$ git clone

Either set the theme in your config to casper3 or build with the -t casper3 flag.

Using the theme

This theme is very image heavy so it is recommended to set a feature_image parameter in the front matter of any content.

Content types you wish to appear on the homepage should be set in your mainSections.

Development Roadmap

[ ] Use SCSS from original theme instead of compiled CSS - also needs Hugo Pipes setting up

[ ] Multi author support and author taxonomy


It would be nice if you leave the credit to me in the footer, unless you make a donation to show support. I can't really police this though, it's MIT licensed anyway so you can do whatever you want with the theme...

If you would like to show your appreciation to me for working on this theme you can donate with Paypal here.

BTC: 1812FGaAJ19hokDoUFP6kK22dzT6zttkw5

LTC: MQh5n9BzXAVzdreMo9ff3DxF7gqqmZkUNJ

ETH: 0x6c6DCa4cA98816Bb319A4B923b159991C97368B7

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