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Haskell library for inspecting and manipulating virtual hard disk (VHD) files.
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Data Make it possible to read a range of sectors from within a virtual block. Nov 15, 2011
LICENCE Adding LICENCE file. Sep 23, 2011
README Use more natural capitalization within README and cabal file. Nov 11, 2011
Setup.hs add Setup.hs Oct 21, 2011
Tests.hs Rename module Data.VHD to Data.Vhd, for consistency with CamelCase co… Nov 1, 2011
Vhd.hs Remove unnecessary brackets. Nov 11, 2011
vhd.cabal Bump version to 0.2. Nov 14, 2011


Provides functions to inspect and manipulate virtual hard disk (VHD) files, according to the VHD specification (version 1.0).
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