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Old GroupIds Alerter - A Maven plugin that checks for deprecated groupId+artifactId (e.g. did you know that graphql-spring-boot-starter moved from com.graphql-java to com.graphql-java-kickstart?).
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Old GroupIds Alerter - Maven Plugin

A Maven plugin that checks for deprecated groupId + artifactId couples, in order to reduce usage of non-maintained 3rd-party code (e.g. did you know that artifact graphql-spring-boot-starter moved from from com.graphql-java to com.graphql-java-kickstart?).

Works with Maven 3.3+ and JDK8+.

Looking for a Gradle plugin? Check oga-gradle-plugin.


Jonathan Lermitage (
Linkedin profile: jonathan-lermitage-092711142



There's one maven goal: biz.lermitage.oga:oga-maven-plugin:check.

Execution will produce error message everytime a deprecated groupId + artifactId couple is found.
You may see something like [ERROR] 'com.graphql-java:graphql-spring-boot-starter' should be replaced by 'com.graphql-java-kickstart:graphql-spring-boot-starter', and Maven build failure.


Maven coordinates

Maven coordinates (Nexus):



Just call ./mvnw clean install or ./do i to build plugin and install into local Maven repository.



Open an issue or a pull-request. Contributions must be tested at least on JDK8.
Please reformat new code only: do not reformat the whole project or entire existing file (in other words, try do limit the amount of changes in order to speed up code review).

Definitions file

The list of deprecated groupId + artifactId couples is stored in og-definitions.json file. To remove/update/add entries, you can open an issue, submit a merge request, or simply send an email (

Find new entries for definitions file

Go to maven-index-search-suspect-coordinates: this project downloads Maven Central indexes and looks for potential entries, then saves it to a file; i.e. artifactIds that exists for two different groupIds (keep in mind that 90~99% are false-positive).
You can view resulting file here: suspiciousCoordinates.txt (warning, it's a ~3 MB file).
A filtered version is available here: suspiciousCoordinates-filtered.txt (~500 KB). In this file, we keep only dependency couples where a groupId is a part of the other groupdId, like com.graphql-java and com.graphql-java-kickstart.


MIT License. In other words, you can do what you want: this project is entirely OpenSource, Free and Gratis.

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