Only download the JRE if it's needed #1

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Many people already have the JRE installed. You could detect it and save 100+mb in your download.

SamHH commented Jan 14, 2014

A worse but equally viable solution is to just stop distributing it. How many people don't have a JRE installed at all? I deleted the folder, removing literally 99%+ of the download/installation size, and it still runs fine, just as it will for most. You could just leave a note or something and have this distributed version for those who actually need it. Call it the 'Bundled' version or something.

with previous versions, I built two distributions : with JRE and without JRE.
For the latest (and final) version, I just omitted the "without JRE" version.
I'll try to find time to build and distribute this version on next week.

Please note that this is the last Java version. Steam Cleaner 2 will run with Python (or C++, I'm still investigating, but I'd like to learn Python), and won't need an ugly runtime like JRE :)

Best regards,

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