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Quake Level Design Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is mainly based on files / directory structure and set of tools recommended by dumptruck_ds.

Note: Only for Microsoft Windows (x86-64) users.


It includes:

  • Quakespasm Spiked 0.93.2ish (2021-July-08), Spoike [Link]
  • TrenchBroom 2021.1, Kristian Duske [Link]
  • ericw-tools 0.18.1, Eric Wasylishen [Link]
  • ne_q1spCompilingGui 1.0.3, C. Jones [Link]


  • Quake Tools 1.2.1, Joshua Skelton [Link] [Usage]
  • TexMex 3.4, Mike Jackman [Link]
  • Map2Curve 0.7, ToTac [Link]
  • Original Quake maps, John Romero [Link]
  • Original Quake textures [Link]
  • Prototype WAD textures 1.3, Aleksander "Khreathor" Marhall [Link]


You need:

  • Microsoft Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • A legal copy of Quake [Steam] [Good Old Games]
  • Git [Link]
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 [x86)]



You have two options:

  • Download the latest available ZIP release and extract its content into a directory called quake-leveldesign-starterkit.
  • Open a Terminal session and clone this Git repository:
cd <path/to/desired/directory/>
git clone
cd quake-leveldesign-starterkit/


Locate and open quake-leveldesign-starterkit directory in Windows Explorer.

Create three new directories:

  • The first one called working, located at the root directory. It'll remain empty until ne_q1spCompilingGui tool is used.
  • The second one called id1, also located at the root directory.
  • And the last one called maps into the id1 directory. This is the directory used to save the compiled maps.

Last but not least, copy and paste into id1 directory the original pak0.pak and pak1.pak files from your Quake game copy location. These are required in order to be able to test your map using Quakespasm.

Usage and Quickstart


This video tutorial is part of an awesome series created by dumptruck_ds. Please, check it out!


Image used to create the Starter Kit illustration.