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Slight reformatting of the pages at
1 - I got the source:
wget -r
2 - used hpricot to:
- remove 'navigation' divs
- insert <mbp:pagebreak /> tags at the top of each html body ( this keeps lines from getting split )
3 - removed cover page 'book.html' since there's already a cover image
4 - set text-indent: 0 for <p> tags, since kindle indents about 1em by default, which deformatted the code snips (<p><tt> is used instead of <pre>)
5 - set height="2em" on div tags in 'References' section (kindle doesn't support the CSS for controlling this)
6 - added jump table to top of index
7 - built opf and ncx with ruby. toc.ncx allows 'nav points' for the 5-way kindle knob to get you from chapter to chapter
TODO: fix image at Figure 1.1, the tree diagram. (comes out darkened for some reason)
TODO: read the damn book!
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