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Flushed Away.xcodeproj
Flushed Away
Flushed AwayTests

Flushed Away

A 360iDev Game Jam entry built in Sprite Kit. By Jonathan Penn and Michele Titolo.

Screen Shot


You are a phenomenal inventor. While preparing to test your amazing shrinking ray on a full size boat, your 2 year old child accidentally activated it. Both you and the boat are now smaller than a toy. But that's not the worst part...

Your child decided to put you in the toilet and flush it. And now is throwing more toys to watch it all go down the drain. Will you be able to last long enough for the shrinking ray to wear off?

Game Mechanics

  • Stay alive as long as you can (timer with milliseconds indicates score)
  • Health meter, bumping into objects depletes health
  • Fall down the drain is instant death
  • Everything is swirling around the center drain
  • Uses parallaxed swirls to indicate water motion
  • Toys appear at random around the edges and swirl toward the center
  • As time increases, toys appear at a much higher frequency
  • Toys can bump into each other and respond with somewhat elastic collisions


Game by Jonathan Penn (@jonathanpenn) and Michele Titolo (@micheletitolo)

Intro music lovingly ripped from Future Crew's Second Reality Demo, Copyright October 1993.