Sample code to accompany my UIKit Dynamics talk.
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Pig Spinner

Physics And The User Interface For iOS

These are demo projects I use to accompany my Physics And The User Interface talk about UIKit Dynamics for iOS 7.

What Are They?

Dangle is a simple view with a text field linked to an anchor and join in a chain, and a ball dropping with gravity to collide with the text field and make it whip back and forth. I use it as a walk through to show how to build a scene of behaviors one step at a time, and to demonstrate how the text field still works even while it is under the influence of the animator.

DynamicCollection is my version of a spring-like collection view layout and a dynamic layout that lets you resize cells and they snap into place with a dramatc wiggle.

Pig Spinner is a simple rotary spinner I wrote for my kids to use instead of the analog one that came with the game "Pen The Pig". It shows how to spin a view with angular momentum and read it's angle in real time to update a label to show what it is pointing at.


Questions? Ask!

Jonathan Penn


Dangle, DynamicCollection, and Pig Spinner are available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

PRNCircleGestureRecognizer is Copyright 2010 Primitive Dog Software.