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ServiceContainer is a simple IoC container, very similar to what you get with Game.Services in XNA or MonoGame.

Registration is explicit and accessed via a static class, all registrations are singleton.

Here are some examples of registration:

//Our types
interface MyInterface { }
class MyClass : MyInterface { }

//This would register MyClass with the default constructor
//So equivalent to
ServiceContainer.Register<MyClass>(() => new MyClass());
//Also equivalent to
ServiceContainer.Register(typeof(MyClass), () => new MyClass());

//Or if you already have an instance of an object
//Which is equivalent to
ServiceContainer.Register<MyClass>(() => myClass);

//You can also register interfaces
ServiceContainer.Register<MyInterface>(() => new MyClass());

//To retrieve an instance
MyClass myClass = ServiceContainer.Resolve<MyClass>();
MyInterface myInterface = ServiceContainer.Resolve<MyInterface>();

//Also the same as
MyClass myClass = ServiceContainer.Resolve(typeof(MyClass)) as MyClass;
MyInterface myInterface = ServiceContainer.Resolve(typeof(MyInterface)) as MyInterface;

Other notes:

  • Double registrations will just overwrite the previous
  • If a type is not found, an exception will be thrown
  • Cyclic dependencies will work just fine, no exceptions will be thrown -- just use sparingly for your co-worker's sake