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Personally Developed

A simple, one column theme for Jekyll that puts your content first. Extracted from my blog for your enjoyment and use. Also available as a gem.

theme screenshot

View a live demo!


First Time Jekyll User

Personally Developed is optimized for GitHub Pages. If you don't already have a Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages, simply do the following:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone the repository to your local machine
  3. Rename the folder to your blog's title
  4. Run bundle install

Congratulations, you now have a local Jekyll installation that uses Personally Developed! You can delete the sample content in the _posts directory.

For more information on using Jekyll, please read the documentation. See the GitHub documentation for using Jekyll with GitHub Pages.

Current Jekyll User

First, make sure you're running Jekyll 2.x, as prior versions did not support Sass. If so, you'll just have to copy over the following files:

├── _includes
|   ├── footer.html
|	├── head.html
|   └── header.html
├── _layouts
|   ├── default.html
|	├── page.html
|   └── post.html
├── _sass
|   ├── personally-developed
|   |	├── _animate.scss
|   |	├── _archive.scss
|   |	├── _fonts.scss
|   |	├── _footer.scss
|   |	├── _header.scss
|   |	├── _layout.scss
|   |	├── _neat.scss
|   |	├── _posts.scss
|   |	├── _reboot.scss
|   |	├── _syntax.scss
|   |	├── _utilities.scss
|   |   └── _variables.scss
|   └── personally-developed.scss
├── assets
|   ├── js
|   |	└── main.min.js
├── css
|   └── site.scss
├── archive.html
└── index.html

If you're changing from another theme, make sure that the Personally Developed files completely replace any old files you may have in these folders, as other themes may use a similar directory structure.


A couple of things make Personally Developed a little special :

  • Never get lost again. The navigation box follows you as you scroll down the page, showing your readers whatever you choose is most important across all pages, all the time.
  • _"Have a great rest of your ___day." Thank your readers for viewing your site with a friendly message in the footer.
  • Easy access to the past. All of your past posts are neatly categorized by year on the archive page.
  • Built-in Google Juice. The jekyll-seo-tag and jekyll-sitemap gems automatically make it easy for Google to index your blog.
  • Syntax in style. Using the beautiful Solarized light colour scheme, your code will shine on the page.


Personally Developed can be customized however you'd like.

Most identity (ie. blog name, author name) config is done in _config.yml. I've included a sample _config.yml for you, and you can read more about what you can do with that file in the Jekyll documentation.

I've made customization easier with Sass variables! All color options are set right at the top of _sass/personally-developed/_variables.scss, as are font defaults.


A simple, one column theme for Jekyll that puts your content first.




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