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Version 0.3.7: 6 february 2014

  • Improved documentation
  • Renamed SimpleNode to ParallelNode
  • Bugfix in interactive_shell: getting term variable from pty object.
  • Bugfix: wait for the output to finish before closing interactive shell.

Version 0.3.6: 15 january 2014

  • Added keep-panes-open option

Version 0.3.5: 26 november 2013

  • Bug fix in contrib.virtual_env.upgrade_requirments.

Version 0.3.3 and 0.3.4: 25 november 2013

  • Better OS X support. (No more nonblocking writes to stdout.)

Version 0.3.2: 22 november 2013

  • Bug fix in DummyPty(). Fixes "too many open files" on OS X.

Version 0.3.1: 21 november 2013

  • Built-in SCP shell added (with following commands: lpwd stat ledit lstat edit clear get lcd cd connect lls pwd exit ls lconnect put lview view)
  • HostsContainer.get/put was renamed to HostsContainer.get_file/put_file
  • Sets are now the preferred way of writing a lists of hosts to a Host definition. Tuples are still allowed, lists are not allowed anymore.
  • Better exception handling in the command line shell
  • Improved progress bar widget
  • Progress bar used for SSH connection.
  • Progress bars for uploading and downloading data.
  • getcwd(), stat() and listdir_stat() functions added to Host
  • A lot of refactoring, mainly in host and host_container.
  • A lot of bugfixes.

Missing pieces

We don't have a real changelog from before november 2013.

Summer 2011, somewher.

  • First initial, working version.